Tuesday Mar 07, 2023

The Lockdown Viles

In this week’s episode, Toby and Nick discuss who emerges as the most loathsome character in the Lockdown Files, Matt Hancock, Simon Case or the duo of Slackie and Lee? They also discuss why so many senior journalists and broadcasters appear to be more outraged by the fact that Isabel Oakeshott gave Hancock’s WhatsApp messages to the Telegraph, apparently breaking a non-disclosure agreement, than they are by the scandalous revelations the messages contain.

Next, they consider whether Sue Gray joining Keir Starmer’s staff is a man-bites-dog story or a dog-bites-man story. Toby thinks it’s the latter – after all, didn’t we already know that most senior civil servants are Labour supporters?

They go on to discuss Michael Knowles’s comments about wanting to ‘eradicate’ trans ideology at CPAC and whether that was deliberately misinterpreted by woke journalists as wanting to ‘eradicate’ trans people, or whether those journalists believe – alongside trans rights activists – that any challenge to trans ideology is tantamount to erasing trans people?

They also talk about Stella Creasy’s amendment to the Public Order Bill which would create ‘buffer zones’ around abortion clinics in England and Wales and the recent arrest of the Christian campaigner Isabel Vaughn-Spruce for silently praying outside an abortion clinic and puzzle over why she’s been arrested again when the last time it happened the charges against her were dropped.

In the last item before the break, they discuss Chris Rock’s swipe at Meghan Markle in his latest Netflix comedy special and agree that Rock, while good, isn’t as funny as Dave Chapelle. They also wonder whether comedians are now the only people left who can get away with attacking sacred cows and try to devise a test whereby Toby writes a defence of Prince Andrew in the Spectator and Nick includes one in a stand-up routine and they wait to see if Toby gets cancelled but Nick doesn’t.

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Will Jones then joins Nick to talk about the big stories in the Daily Sceptic in the past seven days: a new study saying mRNA vaccines contain DNA that may turn human cells into spike protein factories; the risk that Net Zero policies will cause global starvation, according to two top climate scientists; whether the number of births in England fell in 2022 compared to 2021 and, if so, whether that’s linked to the Covid vaccines; the rise in hormone prescriptions since 2020; and new scientific evidence suggesting temperatures have been stable in Greenland for 60 years, save for a sudden jump of one degree in 1994.

In Peak Woke, Nick offers up drag queen baby raves, while Toby volunteers the removal of any Christian content from songs the Girl Guides since around the campfire.

Finally, we are blessed with another visit from Dr Jordan Peterson, who answers listeners’ problems, including a query about whether if you dressed as a women to go to a party you could get away with blackface, claiming you’d come as a ‘woman of colour’.

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