Tuesday Mar 28, 2023

TERFed out

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Sceptic podcast – episode 30!

Toby and Nick discuss the attack on Kellie-Jay Keen by trans rights activists in New Zealand and Nick’s resulting journey from mens’ rights activist to radical feminist. In other trans related news, transwomen are no longer allowed to compete in international athletics. In the third trans story this week, the boys discuss the trans shooter, Audrey Hale, and the slightly deranged reaction. And In this week’s final trans story, they discuss the woeful tale of Zara Jade, a convicted male rapist who tied up and stabbed his partner, but referred to by the BBC as a ‘woman’, naturally.

They talk about Eddie Izzard being trolled by Leo Kearse and the brutal cancellation of comedian Alfie Brown by people with ‘be nice’ in their Twitter bios.

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As a unionist, Toby celebrates in the fact that the hopeless and authoritarian Humza Yousaf has become the latest SNP leader.

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Peak Woke returns and Nick reads out the latest reviews of the podcast.

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Re the attacks on ”gender critical feminists”, the tactics being used by trans rights activists are only the same as the ones that feminists pioneered in their war against conservatives several decades ago. Feminists and trans rights activists are two factions of the Far Left and I have no sympathy for any of them.

Wednesday Mar 29, 2023

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