Tuesday May 16, 2023

NatCons v Libtards

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Sceptic podcast – episode 37!

Nick and Toby discuss the National Conservatism conference, having both attended the gala dinner at the Natural History Museum on Monday night. Why has the liberal left convinced itself that it’s some kind of neo-Nazi convention, when the driving force behind National Conservatism is the Israeli intellectual Yarom Hazony? They also defend Douglas Murray, who has been attacked on Twitter for saying in his speech at the gala dinner that Germany has given nationalism a bad name by having ‘mucked up’ twice in the 20th Century. Don’t the haters understand ironic understatement?

They go on to discuss the remarks of Sir Simon Macdonald, formerly the top man at the Foreign Office, who bad-mouthed Britain in an interview in the New Statesman. Nick has some sympathies for his gloomy assessment of Britain’s future as a global power – it doesn’t have one, basically – while Toby says he might as well have hoisted the Chinese flag above Whitehall.

The next topic is Donald Trump’s ‘Town Hall’, which Nick describes as ‘CNN’s Trump Comedy Special’. The boys agree that Trump projected masculine power, and Nick particularly enjoyed Trump telling the audience that the plaintiff in the recent sexual assault case against him has a cat called ‘Vagina’. But Toby says this might not have been an example of the liberal media shooting itself in the foot, as everyone claims. After all, if it helped to consolidate Trump’s status as the Republican front runner, then that will probably help Joe Biden, who Toby thinks will fare better in a run-off against the former President than against Ron DeSantis.

They then talk about the extraordinary amounts of money raised for the defence of Daniel Penny, the ex-marine accused of killing Jordan Neely, and agree that his prosecution is an unwelcome development since it will mean have-a-go-heroes are less likely to intervene to protect the weak and vulnerable from violent males in future.

They take time out to marvel at the new ad for Miller Lite, which credits women with inventing beer. Toby says it’s as if Miller Lite saw the damage that Bud Light’s embrace of woke gobbledegook was doing to its sales and said, ‘Hold my beer.’

In Birdwatch, the boys talk about Tucker Carlson’s forthcoming show on Twitter and puzzle over Elon Musk’s appointment of Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO. Does this represent a pivot away from a subscriber-funded platform back to an advertiser-funded one? And what will that mean for free speech on Twitter?

Daily Sceptic Editor Will Jones then makes an appearance to talk about the top stories of the week on the site.

Finally, the boys compete to see who can come up with the most egregious example of Peak Woke.

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What Coqy Young was saying is that voting for Trump will mean the outing of all my pedo mates... Don’t vote for Trump otherwise woke won’t go away. My gosh, what a pathetic arguments Coqy Young makes for protecting his mates and the fourth reich..

Tuesday May 23, 2023


Kiev v Keev :: Many languages have their own pronunciations of names from other countries. If you’re going to insist on Brits saying Keev (approximating the pronunciation in Ukrainian) instead of Kiev (the dumb Brits not having the same short i as the Slavs) then you should also insist on Moskva, Bearleen, Paree, Rroma, Shtokholm, Koebehavn, Oosloo, and dozens of other ”native speaker” pronunciations for European capital cities — and heaven help us when it comes to anything Asian.

Friday May 19, 2023


Let me say again: ”the Ukraine” is not a Russian term. The Russian language does not contain the definite article (the word ”the”). ”The Ukraine” is an English language term.

Thursday May 18, 2023

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