Tuesday May 02, 2023

Guardian Gets Sketchy

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Sceptic podcast – episode 35!

Nick and Toby discuss their hilarious new insults from their deranged Twitter hate followers.

Nick comes face to face with the North London blob — no, that’s not a euphemism for the Jews — and he and Toby wonder what kind of person goes to Alistair Campbell’s podcast live?

Toby and Nick discuss whether the cartoon of Richard Sharp in The Guardian was antisemitic or not. And whether Richard Sharp’s appointment after helping Boris get a six figure loan was a greater conflict of interest than Sue Gray’s (secret) relationship with Starmer while she was leading the Partygate investigation.

Jess Philips got caught out in what sounds like a lie regarding when she bought her first home – Toby and Nick discuss what was behind her weirdly conflicting claims.

A scathing critique of Andrew Bridgen appeared in Spiked, which Nick and Toby disagree about — Toby thinks Andrew does the cause no favours by exaggerating vaccine harms, whereas Nick thinks you shouldn’t kick a man when he’s down. 

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Nick complains that this podcast is interfering with his carefully-planned footballing diet – so eats a sandwich. After which the boys discuss Steven Crowder’s divorce, whether Crowder should invest in a bike and whether Toby made a mistake by buying a Ring doorbell.

Nick toys with a new section about our American cousins — provisionally-entitled ‘Pond Scum’ — and then goes on to discuss Tucker Carlson’s mega watched video and whether a political career beckons for him.

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Continuing feel good stories from the US – the boys chat about Vice going woke and broke and Bud Light’s continued journey down the crapper…

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Nick and Will Jones go over the most interesting recent stories from the Daily Sceptic.

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And the boys compete for this week’s Peak Woke title and then add a new category — Peak Based!

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Bridgen :: You idiot, Young. Bridgen didn’t compare the vaxx to the Holocaust — he quoted a serious doctor who said one bad thing (the unquestioning devotion of governments everywhere to the vaxx) was the worst thing to have happened since another (worse) thing. And you should listen to Bridgen’s previous speech (to an almost-empty Commons) where he gave a pretty comprehensive analysis of the vaxx damage to date before you imply that Bridgen is just a conspiracy theorist.

Saturday May 06, 2023

Please stop saying Bridgen compared the vaccine rollout to the Hollocaust. The key word he quoted was ’since’. He did not equate it to the Hollocaust, he did not say it was ’like’ the Hollocaust.

Saturday May 06, 2023


fantastic episode 👏 except the sandwich!

Friday May 05, 2023


Another good episode-although Toby is getting increasingly woke and seems intent on excusing pretty much all woke behaviour whilst vilifying Andrew Bridgen etc.

Wednesday May 03, 2023

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