Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

BBC’s Own Goal

Welcome to the Weekly Sceptic podcast – episode 28!

This week, Nick and Toby discuss Gary Lineker’s heroic stand against the BBC as well as how scared the Government is of footballers. They discuss Fiona Bruce being criticised for adding a legal disclaimer (at the behest of a producer) to a reference to Stanley Johnson’s alleged domestic abuse.

Toby discusses the recent victory against the Orwellian ‘non crime hate incidents’ and Nick suggests a clever way to get the police to take burglary a little more seriously.

Nick and Toby discuss the Jan 6th ‘insurrection’ footage, the Q-Anon Shaman’s treatment, the potential provocateur infiltrators and the inevitable media reaction. They also chat about Hugh Grant being interviewed on the red carpet and how his intolerant petulance – why is this ex-model bothering me? – went viral.

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Birdwatch makes a welcome return this week and the boys discuss the reaction (meltdown) to Peter Hitchens’ claim that the Nazis were left wing

And of course – Nick and Toby compete for the title of Peak Woke

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Bezos owns the WaPo so of course they will push for lockdowns and all the shops shutting.

Friday Mar 17, 2023

Last para should read:- it was all about getting rid of Trump and discrediting him so much that he wouldn’t be able to run again. The new administration and gov agencies colluded with Twitter to get Trump banned and the media edited his speeches to suit the narrative they wanted to push. This is public knowledge following the release of the Twitter Files and recent testimonies in Congress.

Friday Mar 17, 2023

Completely agree with Nick re Jan 6. It has been vastly exaggerated as a violent insurrection. It didn’t come anywhere close to the levels of violence, destruction, cost of the Antifa/BLM “mainly peaceful protests” 🙄. Pelosi was strongly advised in advance to deploy the National Guard; she ignored this. Ray Epps is obviously a Gov agent. It was all about getting his tweets (pushing Twitter to ban hi edited his speeches (which the media had been doing for quite some time)

Friday Mar 17, 2023

Here’s a new drinking game - down a shot every time Toby says the word “workplace”. With regard to the BBC and organisations who’ve bought into DEI/DIE, wouldn’t the word wokeplace be more appropriate?

Friday Mar 17, 2023


God sake, this comment system does notmallow you to type xertain words. How communist is that. Disgusting. I tried to type nartzi three times and it removed the word. Madness.

Wednesday Mar 15, 2023


The n a z I s

Wednesday Mar 15, 2023


The were

Wednesday Mar 15, 2023


The were socialists. National Socialists. It’s in thr name of their party. All leftists are related, politically, to Hitler.

Wednesday Mar 15, 2023

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